Hedgehox Club

Hello there! Welcome to our special Hedgehox club.

"Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground."

It’s the time to expose our community that was hidden and burrowed for years. Now is the time to reach the light and show the abilities of the Hedgehox (what Hedgehox can do).


To gather and work on new projects with people who care about our World and enjoy doing business. We will realize the steps in our roadmap, share ideas and spread our team to the whole World.


Hidden Hedgehogity units, that were trying to explore the Uni- verse, saw the Earth in 1000 BC and was fascinated by the planet. That’s why Special Hedgehog Team was assigned to explore the Earth in 1 year. However one year on their own planet was equal to 5000 years on the Earth and that was a problem that they didn’t calculate. When they landed to the Earth, Hedgehox team couldn’t find a lot of things, nevertheless they decided to keep studying humans and animals; also following the development of the civilization step by step. By doing different research, they were hiding as Agents among people. The team chose Cappadoccia for their base. They were passing the place, from where they were looking at the stars, from generation to the next generation, for many years…

Until realities turn into stories, and stories turn into fairytales…


1. Quarter

1. We announce Hedgehox NFT Club.
2. Owners of Hedgehox Club NFT automatically turn into VIP members and have right to vote.
3. 5 ETH will be donated to Hedgehog Defense Association, however the number of Organizations may be increased.
‘The first rule of Hedgehox Club is : You talk about Hedgehox Club.
4. Tickets for Hallmark or Major events such as ‘Formula 1’, UEFA Champions League, Burning man festival will be gifted.
(Giveaway will be held live on Discord.) Hedgehox Logo Clothes (T-shirts and Sweatshirts) will be given to people who are going to attend these events, and they will be provided to represent us there. ( Everything will be as open as we have discussed and promised. )
5. Club members are the first to know about our other projects. With Whitelist and Givaway opportunities, we never leave our loyal friends alone.
6. Get ready to display Hedgehox 3D NFT Printing in your home.
7. ‘Hedgehox’ posters and coffee mugs will be presented.

2. Quarter

1. ‘Hedgehox’ Physical and Online stores with recycled and environmentally friendly products will be opened.
2. 20% income of Hedgehox stores are going to be transferred to Nature Protection Organizations.
3. Hedgehox owners will get 10% off for perpetuity.
4. We are going to buy land in Metaverse and be there with Hedgehox club.
See you on Metaverse with our famous (surprise) DJ Event.

3. Quarter

1. We are going to set up IRL (In real life) Hedgehox party houses. (We are looking forward to meet and get acquainted with you!)
2. Eligible ones will be determined among NFT owners and selected members will manage Club houses.(Always Democracy)
3. We will make deals/reach an agreement with big companies and celebrities for product and NFT promotion.
4. We will launch the new Hedgehox Family NFT.

4. Quarter

1. Hedgehox token will be released.
2. Hedgehox game will be released.


There will be a total of 10,000 Hedgehox’es to mint price of 0.06 ETH.

We are launching on April 15th, 2022

NFTs stand for 'non-fungible tokens'. They are digital assets you can buy, trade and own. Buying one can be much like subscribing to a service, granting you access to a variety of benefits such as events, games, merchandise and more. They are stored on a blockchain and purchased with crypto.

1. Sign up for Metamask wallet and download the extension in a browser that supports it.
2. Make sure you have enough Ethereum in your wallet to cover the total minting cost including gas fees. If you don't have enough in there, it will show an extra high gas fee to prevent you from minting.
3. We will publish a mint website on launch day. This will be announced on Discord and Twitter. There you can connect your Metamask wallet.
4. After connecting your wallet you are able to click on the mint button if you are on the allowlist. You will be prompted to sign a transaction.
5. Once your transaction is successful, your Hedgehox Club NFT(s) will appear in your wallet and collection on marketplaces like Opensea and LooksRare!



Co- Founder / Project Manager



Co- Founder / Technical Director



Co- Founder / Creative Director



Co- Founder / Comunity manager



Community Leader



Marketing Manager



Head of Partnerships and Relations





Bilbo Baggins




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